How can we help our coaches and student-athletes get better? That is the question and driving force behind the University of Notre Dame Sports Performance Division. The term Sports (or Athlete) Performance has grown in its use over the years but means different things to different colleges and universities. While at some institutions, the term Sports (or Athlete) Performance simply is a renaming of the Strength and Conditioning Department, at Notre Dame, Sports Performance is the connection and integration of all things related to our student-athletes’ ability to become the absolute best that they can.

Because of our focus on the total package, our Sports Performance Division integrates the resources and expertise of:

Unit Leaders

Further, the leaders of each of these units make up our “Performance Team” and work cooperatively to develop new programs, enhance existing training protocols and use research to assist our student-athletes and coaches in improving their overall health, nutrition and athletic performance.

Unit Leader Title
Sports Performance/Student Welfare & Development Mike Harrity Senior Associate Athletics Director
Athletic Training, Rehabilitative Services Rob Hunt Director of Athletic Training and Rehabilitative Services; Head Athletic Trainter for Football
Football Matt Balis Director of Football Strength & Conditioning
Nutrition Kari Oliver Sports Nutrition Assistant Director
Sports Science Head of Sport Science
Strength & Conditioning Michael Szemborski Director of Olympic Sports Strength & Conditioning
Strength & Conditioning Tony Rolinski Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

The primary objectives of the sports performance division are to:

  • Decrease the potential for injury for our student-athletes while also enhancing our student-athletes recovery and regeneration from activity, illness or injury;
  • Enhance all student-athletes’ athletic performance by maximizing each individual’s athletic/genetic potential;
  • Educate our student-athletes and coaches on the how, what and why of improving their athletic performance; and
  • Focus on innovation and research using scientifically proven methods of performance enhancement.

Realizing there are no short cuts to becoming an elite high performing athlete, the goal of the Sports Performance Division is to put in place scientifically proven training and rehabilitation protocols and nutrition plans, and to provide the highest quality athletic gear available so that our student-athletes have every opportunity to achieve peak performance and athletic success.

Through this website, we have outlined the specific responsibilities and functions of the units that make up sports performance. In addition, this website will be a resource to our coaches, student-athletes and staff on important performance related research and findings.