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Kathy Speybroeck Head Equipment Manager (Varsity Sports)
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Joseph Nagle Assistant Equipment Manager
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The Equipment facility is located in the Joyce Center on the first floor between the two domes.

C113 Joyce Center
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Phone: (574) 631-4837

About Us

We are the main distribution point for uniforms, practice gear, shoes, travel and gear bags and outerwear for 21 Notre Dame varsity sports (except Football and Hockey). Every October, our department staff, along with our License Property Manager from Under Armour, conducts individual sessions with Notre Dame coaching staffs to determine uniform and gear choices for their team for the following season. We place orders with Under Armour, then receive, inventory and store these items to eventually distribute the ordered gear to teams and athletes each fall as school year begins. During our issuing periods student managers help to organize and distribute gear to Notre Dame student-athletes via locker rooms or pick up at the Equipment facility, located in the very center of the Joyce Center.

In addition, Equipment handles the ordering and fulfillment needs for Under Armour products for Notre Dame’s coaches, administrators, facilities crews, sports medicine doctors and interns. We also fulfill requests for Athletic’s Corporate Relations and the Development Office.

Other services include Monogram orders for all athletes, Post Season awards and gifts, retrieval of equipment and reusable apparel.

How We Work

The Equipment Division follows a fairly consistent annual pattern, with ordering done in the fall and inventory arriving in the summer in preparation for issuance prior to the beginning of each sport’s season. A barcode system helps us manage our inventory internally.

Under Armour

Under Armour logo

The Athletic Department is proud to welcome Under Armour as the newest Team Notre Dame partner and the official outfitter of Notre Dame Athletics starting in the 2014-15 season. Under Armour provides shoes, uniforms and team apparel for Notre Dame student-athletes, and coaches.