High Velocity Training

Author: American College of Sports Medicine

From the American College of Sports Medicine

A recently published article on the American College of Sports Medicine website presents an interesting perspective on High Velocity Training.

Interest in the science of strength training and its associated benefits is a growing phenomenon within the fitness movement. The fact that approximately eight weeks of heavy resistance training can produce significant gains in strength is well established. The consensus position supported by hundreds of experimental studies is that gains in strength are the primary result of increased muscle size, referred to as hypertrophy. What is less well known is the phenomenon that results in the manifestation of increased strength after only a few strength-training sessions. Speculation is that these short-term effects are the results of changes in neural factors. Studies have shown that short-term resistance training can increase strength production in the absence of hypertrophy. While neural factors are not well defined, these early strength gains are largely attributed to an increase in the maximal muscle activation level.

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