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To exemplify the science and value of nutrition programming to maximize the body’s ability to reach optimal performance levels on and off the field.

Achieving this mission with specific focus on the following objectives:

  • Injury Prevention, Recovery and Regeneration
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Education
  • Innovation and Research

Sports Nutrition Services In Action

  • Individual diet assessment, evaluation, review and recommendations provided by sports dietitian through one-on-one nutrition meetings – Specific to sport and individual
  • Body Composition testing available using the Bod Pod to determine body fat percentages, identifying lean body mass (muscle) and fat mass as well as calculated calorie needs
  • Vitamin/Mineral testing provided for at risk deficiencies (such as Iron and Vitamin D) and supplementation provided as needed
  • Training Table Implementation and Design to facilitate fueling the athlete for performance
  • Nutrition Education provided to teams and individuals on various topics and in many modes
    Grocery Store Tours provided to teams and individuals to improve food and meal choices when eating in their dorms, at home or on the run
    • Sports Dietitians present at Training Table meals to encourage balanced meals and available for nutrition advice
    • Team presentations provided on specific areas of sports nutrition topics
    • Tips and Resources available for weight gain, weight loss, changing body composition
    • Education and Resources available for competition fueling (pre, during and post) practice, training and games
    • Menu Planning and resources for team travel and competition
    • Resources and Recommendations for minimizing injury risks and promoting injury recovery
    • Education and Resources available regarding female health and specific nutrition concerns
    • Hydration evaluation and recommendations based on individual needs
    • Resources available for Disordered Eating/Eating Disorders or other counseling needs
    • Education, resources and recommendations regarding special dietary needs (for example: food allergies/intolerances, vegetarian, diabetic, low iron, etc.)
    • Sports Supplement Education and Evaluation from Multi-vitamins to performance-enhancing supplement products

Fighting I-R-I-S-H Sports Nutrition (Acronym for Nutrition Success)

  • INTAKE adequate fuel
  • RECOVERY nutrition for daily training
  • INCLUDE performance foods from all food groups
  • SCHEDULE a fueling plan to optimize training
  • HYDRATE to keep the body running efficiently